#WomensMonth SHE-ROES

As we celebrate Women’s Month 2020, we should take our hats off to the She-Roes, the Boss-Ladies, Fempreneurs and the women of South Africa who strive to build Fempires.

Student Living is a a female owned publication with a predominantly women run newsroom. This month we focus our attention on challenges faced by female in all sectors in South Africa but also celebrate the success and progress made in addressing issues of gender inequalities.

“We should be aware of the need to continuously invest in women’s empowerment from a personal and professional level in order to drive the economy and to make society a better place” – Neo Mcinga (Publisher of Student Living).

We invite you to send us a selfie to show solidarity and support for other across the world who are facing gender based challenges in society.

Email a black and white selfie portrait with your name and surname.

news@studentlivingsa.co.za or WhatsApp your selfies to 061 443 6508 – Alternatively you can like and DM us on our Facebook page @StudentLivingPTA

If you are a Women-run youth organisation, business, or community social initiative you can submit a short 400-word profile. The profiles need to include words of  encouragement for learners in places of higher education to keep motivated and push through with their studies.” –news@studentlivingsa.co.za

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