Young Man Found his path to the business world

By Pontsho Motaung

The 26-year-old hip-hop rapper from Free State, Qwaqwa, South Africa, has found his path in the business world after deciding to end his music career. It was not merely a pipe dream, but he started a business to generate funds for his career and provide for his family.

“The journey of music was not an easy road, but the experiences have helped me develop strength and patience in becoming an entrepreneur. After four years in the industry, I decided to part ways with my music career as I became a new dad, and expenses started to accumulate,” said Thabang Matjele.

Thabang’s life became complicated after completing matric, but he managed to build himself up with the limited knowledge of technology and manual labor he had acquired from the streets. He also partnered with a friend to create better services for his underserved community.

“As a Sotho man, there are values and principles to follow. I was fortunate to meet Richard Chikuku, who introduced me to the star sat installation business. Due to financial difficulties, I had to put my music career on hold and focus on my role as a parent, brother, and son to my family,” stated Thabang.

He added that although he may not have much, his efforts aim to become a better role model for his younger brother and son. He believes that a man’s job is to provide and putting careers on hold does not mean that someday they cannot be achieved.

Mr. Matjele has faced numerous challenges but has not given up. Occasionally, he gathers young boys in his backyard to teach them about responsibilities, aiming to end the stigma of irresponsible men and make a positive difference in his community.

Young men have come to respect his stage name, “KING FIRE,” as he embodies an enduring flame in all life challenges.

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