Young South African author finds love ONLINE

Written by Pontsho Motaung

A young man’s search for love leads him to the shores of online dating. The self-motivated storyteller Reitumetse Richard Seape, author, performer, and inspiring Filmmaker (37) from the free state, Thabantjhu South Africa, published his fourth book today The Blind Kinda Love, leaving a young man extradited.

“I want everybody to understand that love is blind, you cannot see any of your lover’s flaws but explore, discover and come to your own conclusions. We give love only to get love and if this book inspires, just one person, then my job is done here.”

The love story of the 37-year-old started to come to life when he decided to share his journey of finding the right partner, writing The Blind Kinda Love took him 7 years but the journey became amazing as he was narrating his daily love story and love was his goal, he seemed to have gained treasure and his greatest achievement is to find his soul mate behind the screen.   

Richard says he proposed to his partner the first time they met

“I met my partner on an international dating website then from there I decided to share our story, so that someone out there who has given up hope in love or finding someone that will appreciate, love them in their physical looks and attributes by not judging them can find courage and hope again to continue searching for love”

While Reitumetse gives readers a fly-on-the-wall experience of his own colourful love life, how online dating shores him. 

“And that is one of the reasons why I wrote the book because if you don’t tell your story, people tend not to believe, as nobody believes our miracle.”

“If there’s one thing, I would like the reader to take away from the book is that nothing is impossible in finding the right partner.

“If you read my book, you’ll understand where I come from with my journey love and if you look at where I am today, you will understand that it hasn’t always been easy. I went through many challenges, but I’m here to tell my story.

“The Blind Kinda Love” is available from All Major Online Retailers, Austin Macauley, Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes.

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