Aga Sechaba community project giving back to the community

By: Phathu Mphabantshi

Aga Sechaba community project in Ga- Rankuwa is now offering free daily meals to its beneficiaries from Monday to Friday. Aga Sechaba is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping young people to develop skills and development for vulnerable youth in Tshwane. The aim is to increase public awareness about the destructive power of drugs and society’s responsibility to care for the well-being of children.

Mr Lethlogonono Moses Letswalo who is the founder of Aga Sechaba community project expressed his reason for establishing this organisation, “The vision of the organisation is to change the lives of those who are struggling to change their habits for the better.

We help people with drug addiction we take them to rehab and when they came back from rehab, they are offered the service of an aftercare program. – Mr Lethlogonono Moses Letswalo

In our service we have computer is a skills development program we security training every development skill is free of charge. All the skills are for free, these services help them to be able to look for jobs. We also have a new program called CNDC where we give free food to our beneficiaries and family in need. They are helping these families by donating food parcels. This initiative also feeds the beneficiaries and their families.

‘’Here at Aga Sechaba, we give free food to our beneficiaries and people who are disabled. This motivates me because we are giving back to the community and helping the community, said Lesego Benjamin worker at the Aga Sechaba community project.’’

They also help the youth by giving them free lessons so that they can be able to look for jobs. They also help them to apply for jobs with the certificates they have obtained.

‘’I used to smoke all kinds of drugs, I have smoked crystal, nyaope and etc. and I got help here at Aga Sechaba they took me to the rehab where I was helping as you can see now, I’m batter. I’m now volunteering to help other people Aga Sechaba community project is helping the community by providing jobs to unemployed youth, helping those who want to change their lives. They are really giving back to the community, said Tsakani Shelenge a recovered addict.’’

Aga Sechaba community projects it is helping the community. Many communities need projects like aga Sechaba so they can help people who are drug addicts and help them recover. Aga Sechaba is doing good work that is benefiting the community.

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