Boredom at bay with a book a day during the lockdown

By: Tshepiso Theko

The answer to most of your unsolved problems is probably getting yourself to actually read. It’s not difficult, really. Just try finishing this article first and we’ll take it from there.

Reading is like exercising, it may seem boring or difficult but it’s important. (I hope that was a good description because I suck at descriptions). Well, I’m not here to give you the benefits of reading because you already know reading widens your mind, your vocabulary and saves you from displaying low IQ in serious engagements.

These unfortunate circumstances (the lockdown) might just be the perfect time to start reading or get back to reading. These times have major social and mental impacts on all of us and we need to do whatever we can to stay sane.

It is unfortunate that libraries are closed but just as you can exercise anywhere, you can also read anything. It doesn’t have to be a novel or a self-help book or Malcom X. It can be anything from a magazine to a newspaper or even a comic book. Alternately you can download PDFs from websites like Amazon.books. and other websites (Google is your friend).

Reading is investing in yourself. When you are a reader you are a leader. You are also less likely to assume people think they are better when they speak English in the township. Which is something we should talk about someday when we have enough coffee. And also, one book a day keeps the Rona away. Happy reading.

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