BosPianii Drops ‘Ubsuku Bonke’ ft. Sponchmakhekhe

In the heart of Soweto’s Protea Glen, there’s a musical duo called BosPianii. It’s made up of Dakalo Budeli and Keamogetswe Solly Kotsokwane. They became famous with their catchy song “Kokota Piano.”We became friends through people we knew from our neighborhood,” says Dakalo Budeli, talking about how they met.

BosPianii’s music mixes traditional piano sounds with new ideas. “We wanted to try something different by adding new sounds like the log drum to the piano,” explains Keamogetswe Solly Kotsokwane.

Their latest song, “Ubsuku Bonke,” is all about love and spending time with someone special. Sponchmakhekhe wrote the lyrics for “Ubsuku bonke” because he enjoys writing about things that bring him joy.Now,BosPianii is going on tour across South Africa to promote their new song. They do it all under their own record label, Komu Records. “Our label is open to all kinds of music,” says Kotsokwane.

They’ve teamed up with other artists like Sponchmakhekhe, Nathi Apitito, and Tete ka Gogo to create music that’s fresh and exciting. “Each artist we work with brings something unique to our songs,” says Budeli.

With their phone ringing off the hook for bookings (0731070758), and their social media accounts buzzing with fans (@bospianii1 on Instagram and BosPianii on Facebook), BosPianii is ready to take the South African music scene by storm, one catchy tune at a time.

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