Elevating Dreams: Tirelo Matheba’s Empowering Path from Dreamer to CEO

Tirelo Matheba, a 24-year-old hailing from Limpopo, has a remarkable story to share. Her educational journey commenced at Bogalatladi Primary School, where she completed studies up to grade 8. Moving to Gauteng, specifically Pretoria, she pursued education at the esteemed Rosebank College. Tirelo pursued a journalism diploma at this institution, successfully earning it in 2020. Beyond academics, she is a skilled self-taught designer and dedicated pageant organizer.

Tirelo’s foray into modeling began in 2018, evolving into her aspiration to become a CEO. It all began with her role in hosting the 2018 Miss Alaska event, charging a modest R30 registration fee, held in Mamelodi East, Gauteng. Over the years, her journey gained momentum. She hosted Miss Teen Alaska in 2021 and 2022, both successful events.

In 2023, she carried on the tradition by hosting Miss Teen Alaska on June 16th. This year introduced Miss and Teen Heritage Alaska 2023, currently in preparation. Remarkably, Tirelo initiated the Alaska pageant at just 19 years old.

Tirelo’s drive stems from witnessing positive community changes, especially among young girls. Encouragement from model parents fuels her passion. These expressions of gratitude motivate Tirelo to persevere.

Her vision encompasses owning an empowering company for young girls, extending beyond modeling. She aims to inspire upcoming generations, motivating them to achieve dreams.

For those inspired by her journey, Tirelo stresses that success defies conventional measures. She believes in dedication and passion. She envisions competitive individuals elevating South Africa globally.

In conclusion, Tirelo Matheba’s journey epitomizes determination, innovation, and uplifting others. Her evolution from modest beginnings to a role model and advocate mirrors the potential for positive change within us all.

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