Prison, not enough

Why homicide offenders should be permanently removed from society

By: Carlifonia Dube

As an individual, imagine living in a country where you are not safe walking on the streets in broad daylight because of cruel people who murder innocent souls on a daily basis and get away with it. Nowadays, violent crime seems to be part of our day-to-day lives and it is getting out of control. I am certain that punishment should be left to God alone but the people who are found guilty of committing such crimes should taste their own medicine because nobody deserves to be killed or even tortured.

Killing another person is totally wrong and I believe that the death penalty should be re-introduced in our country as some of the murderers are not even afraid to serve life sentences in jail. I absolutely agree that they also have the right to life but if they can violate other people’s rights, then they do not deserve the right to be given life. Even though some people still believe that the death penalty is also inhumane, I firmly believe killers should be permanently removed from societies.

The protection of people has to be the top rule. I personally support the law not for the sake of encouraging people to pursue revenge but for the sake of saving other innocent lives because I believe that if the law was reintroduced long ago, some people would be still alive today. I think it is an appropriate method that should be used for such crime activities. Surely, no one can learn a lesson when they are dead but those who are still alive will learn a great lesson and refrain from committing such crime. 

Nowadays, imprisoning homicide offenders is like giving them another chance to kill because some of them are capable of escaping from prison or they could get released on parole. They deserve to be punished as families have to feel the pain of losing their loved ones because of their cruelty. It is not that law-breaking seem to be out of control, but the fact that the crimes committed are so ruthless. I strongly believe that two wrongs do not make a right since killing is unethical but if we do not stand up against this, we are still going to lose more precious and innocent lives. Murderers have proved that life in prison is not enough because they take it as a soft form of punishment. It should come to an end because innocent people deserve justice. 

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