Blood Sweat and tears

By Shyline

It is forbidden to drink from the Holy Grail when a full moon brightens the night. Legend says that anyone who drinks even a drop from the grail that is placed in the cave at the edge of the city will meet an evil that we call Scarlett. 

Scarlett is a fallen angel in the form of a beautiful woman. Her skin soft and clear like chocolate milk, with a full head of long dark lochs that are graced pure powdered gold. Her eyes sparkle like perfectly cut diamonds and her wings look sweet enough to eat. They say that her petit body is dressed in silk robes that cling to her curves sinfully. Her lips… 

Her lips taste like the sweetest forbidden chocolate and her hands are so soft that that if she touches you, you instantaneously fall into a trance of ecstasy, A simple touch from her is enough to leave you addicted to  her even after your death, they say that Scarlett loves to see the blood sweat and tears of young daring men ’’   

On a day when the wind blew in a strange direction and the sun only graced the sky for two hours, giving the sky up to a glowing white full moon. Seven mischievous young men, each in their twenties; where standing at the entrance of the cave at the edge of the city. These young men, full of life and daring sprits, men who loved to test waters and cross boundaries, where standing in front of a boundary that no human is to ever cross. 

‘’Let’s go, what are you waiting for’’ Jimin says while rushing into the cave without looking back. 

With smiles on their faces, his six friends ran after him, moving in fast, letting the adrenalin in their bodies rise as they went deeper and deeper into the cave. After about 3 minutes of running excitedly the cave starts to get too dark that the young men can no longer see each other. 

‘’The torch’’ RM says, indicating that Jin should switch on the torch that he packed into his bag earlier. Sounds of searching fill the silent atmosphere, before the darkness is illuminated. They young men walked on for another couple of minutes before they arrived to the front of a golden door, which brings them all to a slow halt. 

‘’well, are we going in or do we end this here’’ Jin, who never ever wanted to be part of this in the first place suggests 

‘’yes we are’’ Jimin and Jk say in unison. 

‘’well then open the door’’ Hobi says, pushing the youngest Jk in front 

‘’it’s probably locked’’ Jin says ‘’why would a large, well constructed golden door be left unguarded’’ 

‘’why, why is there a golden door in a random cave, the story said nothing about a doors’’ Tae joins in Jin’s scepticism ‘’Let alone such a large well decorated one’’ 

‘’What language is this Rapmon’’ Jk asks, who has been slowly moving closer to the door 

‘’how would I know’’ RM replies 

‘’Let’s just go in and find the grail’’ Suga says while pushing up in front of Jk. 

He uses all his strength to try and push the door open, but it doesn’t budge, the Jk lends his hands to help Suga push, the still does not move, the RM joins, still does not move an inch. The rest of the men put thier hand on the door, pushing with all that is within them, but the door remains motionless. Suga gives up and slides to sit on the ground while trying to catch his breath again. Everyone else just steps back in defeat. 

‘’well, I guess this is it’’ Hobi chuckles 

‘’let’s just go back home’’ Jin says, annoyed and hungry 

‘’Yea, I feel hungry’’ RM says, as if he is reading Jin’s mind 

They all start to turn away from the door one by one, leaving Jimin and tae staring at the door. 

‘’pull it’’ Tae says, Jimin steps forward and pulls the door handle, without any effort the door opens slightly revealing a black and cream tiled floor. 

The sound of the door opening makes all the members turn back around and rush back to the scene 

‘’but how’’ RM says in confusion 

‘’it’s a pull, not a push’’ Jimin says, as if he is the one who figured I out. 

‘’what’’ Hobi laughs out loud, throwing his head back in excitement 

Jin walks forward and takes a peak into the room ‘’woah’’ he says, while slowly walking into the room, followed by the rest of the members

The room is a small art gallery, displaying paintings and sculptures of abstract people. The entire place is beautiful and seraphic, The atmosphere of the room feels ethereal, The presence in the room causes their moods to change from excitement to calm and peaceful as they wonder around the room admiring all the pieces of art that are placed in it. 

Jin is suddenly drawn to a painting on one of the walls in the room, the painting is a surreal depiction of war, angles and men, he stares at it silently, taking in all its glory 

Tae notices where Jin’s attention is fixed, but then the corners of his eyes catch a glimpse of a doorway next to the painting. 

‘’What’s in there’’ Tae says, while moving towards the doorway, grabbing the attention of all his friends, so they all follow his into the doorway 

It leads to a large patio, placed right under the full moon, it looks worn out, as if people died on its concrete. In the middle of the patio is a pedestal, and on the pedestal is the golden grail that they came searching for. 

‘’So it’s true’’ RM says softly  

‘’I guess so’’ Tae says ‘’Hello there’’ Tae has a mischievous grin on his face as he slowly walks towards the cup 

‘’well then…’’ Jk claps his hands ‘’’let’s go taste it’’   

As planned earlier the boys stand in a circle around the grail and look into it, a green liquid is in the cup, filled up to the brim. They all look at it longingly because the colour looks so sweet.  

They each put a finger into the cup to get a bit if the liquid on their hands, the thick bright green liquid flowed onto their hand and glowed like the bright moon above them. 

‘’ok on the count of three we lick it’’ Suga says, looking at all his friends 

‘’on three, or after three’’ Jin asks nervously 

‘’On three’’ RM says ‘’After three’’ Jk says at the same time as RM 

‘’you guys seem scared’’ Jimin chuckles, then slowly licks the liquid of his index finger in a seductive manner.  It’s sweet’’ he smirks ‘’and I’m still here’’ he says while examining the state of his body 

This reassures the others and they all lick the liquid of their fingers one by one. 

Then, Jimin smile starts grow wider, like a boy who has just thought of doing something evil ‘’Its really sweet’’ he says ‘’I want more’’ reaching for the grail. 

But Tae beats him too it, he grabs the cup and urges it close to his face ‘’I want it’’ Tae looks at the liquid with longing eyes, drooling over the sight of it, as he prepares himself to gulp it all down, he brings the grail to his lips and starts to drink it, enjoying every sip he takes. 

Out of the blue Jk grabs the cup before Tae is fully satisfied, this makes Tae scream in desire ‘’Give it back’’ Tae shouts 

‘’I want some too’’ Jk says, then he starts to drink the thick liquid without hesitation. 

Hobi is next the reach the cup, he grabs it out of Jk’s hands, but before he could get a sip, all the members grab hold of the cup 

‘’Let me have another sip first’’ Hobi says, 

‘’I wasn’t done yet’’ Tae screams 

‘’but you already had more’’ Suga screams back at Tae 

‘’I haven’t had a chance yet’’ Jin says, trying the get a good grip of the cup  

After a couple more seconds of fidgeting with the cup and screaming at each other, the thick liquid spills to the ground

Almost instantaneously all of them drop to their knees and bring their faces to the ground, like thirsty dogs they lick the liquid of the concrete. Suddenly the liquid starts to glow, so bright that it seems like its daytime, the members stop their barbaric actions to admire the light, then a zap of lightning shoots to the sky from one of the gems placed on the cup, this causes the boys to shut their eyes. The moon becomes brighter and the boys become unconscious and start levitating. 

For about three minutes their bodies float above the ground, in a circle, were their legs are in the inner circle and their heads on the outer. When the glow of the liquid disappears the boys fall to the ground like sacks of potatoes. They lay in a circle, motionless, and lifeless until she came,  flying down on them from the sky, landing right in the middle of the circle. 

She tucked her wings on her gold coloured back and crouched down to study the faces of each and every one of the young men, one by one, caressing each of their cheeks with her enchanting hands causing them to fall deeper into the sleep they were in.

‘’what beautiful children’’ she says softly   

Scarlett swiftly pulled out a large golden needle and placed it on each of their index fingers, one by one, each one let out a drop of blood that she licked off. Her saliva on their skin caused them to suddenly shiver and sweat at the same time.       

As if it is a habit, Scarlett pulls out a golden handkerchief to wipe the sweat of their foreheads, the handkerchief drinks in the sweat like a sponge, but remains dry as if it has not touched a speck of liquid. The handkerchief then disappears into thin air once she has wiped the foreheads of and every one of the young men. 

She sits in the middle of the shivering and shaking men, waiting for their now uncomfortable slumber to end. They each woke up, one after the other in a scream of terror, shooting their eyes wide open to reveal how their eyes  are now bright green gems, sparkling the way eyes should not sparkle.

Scarlett glided to each one of them and cured their state of apprehension by planting a soft kiss on their quivering lips. 

Each one of them cried in response, a soft cry of surrender to Scarlett’s sweet kiss, she watched them cry silently with a smile on her face, then she got up and walked into the gallery they had previously walked into, they all stood up and followed her in eagerly,  like a group of scared toddlers.

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